How to Read a Candlestick Chart

Studying candlestick charts – Speaking factors:

  • Candlestick charts differ drastically from the normal bar chart
  • Merchants usually desire utilizing candlestick charts for day-trading as a result of they supply an satisfying visible notion of worth
  • It’s essential to grasp the important thing parts of a candle, and what they point out, to use candlestick chart evaluation to a buying and selling technique

What’s a candlestick chart?

A candlestick chart is just a chart composed of particular person candles, which merchants use to grasp worth motion. Candlestick worth motion entails pinpointing the place the worth opened for a interval, the place the worth closed for a interval, in addition to the worth highs and lows for a selected interval.

Value motion may give merchants of all monetary markets clues to pattern and reversals. For instance, teams of candlesticks can kind patterns which happen all through foreign exchange charts that might point out reversals or continuation of developments. Candlesticks also can kind particular person formations which might point out purchase or promote entries out there.

The interval that every candle depicts is dependent upon the time frame chosen by the dealer. A preferred time frame is the every day time frame, so the candle will depict the open, shut, and excessive and low for the day. The completely different parts of a candle might help you forecast the place the worth may go, as an illustration if a candle closes far under its open it might point out additional worth declines.

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Deciphering a candle on a candlestick chart

The picture under represents the design of a typical candlestick. There are three particular factors (open, shut, wicks) used within the creation of a worth candle. The primary factors to contemplate are the candles’ open and shut costs. These factors establish the place the worth of an asset begins and concludes for a specific interval and can assemble the physique of a candle. Every candle depicts the worth motion for a sure interval that you just select if you take a look at the chart. If you’re a every day chart every particular person candle will show the open, shut, higher and decrease wick of that day.

A red and a blue candlestick with open and close wicks

Open worth:

The open worth depicts the primary worth traded through the formation of the brand new candle. If the worth begins to pattern upwards the candle will flip inexperienced/blue (colours differ relying on chart settings). If the worth declines the candle will flip pink.

Excessive Value:

The highest of the higher wick/shadow signifies the very best worth traded through the interval. If there isn’t any higher wick/shadow it signifies that the open worth or the shut worth was the very best worth traded.

Low Value:

The bottom worth traded is the both the worth on the backside of the decrease wick/shadow and if there isn’t any decrease wick/shadow then the bottom worth traded is identical because the shut worth or open worth in a bullish candle.

Shut Value:

The shut worth is the final worth traded through the interval of the candle formation. If the shut worth is under the open worth the candle will flip pink as a default in most charting packages. If the shut worth is above the open worth the candle can be inexperienced/blue (additionally is dependent upon the chart settings).

The Wick:

The subsequent essential aspect of a candlestick is the wick, which is additionally known as a shadow. These factors are very important as they present the extremes in worth for a selected charting interval. The wicks are shortly identifiable as they’re visually thinner than the physique of the candlestick. That is the place the power of candlesticks turns into obvious. Candlesticks might help merchants preserve our eye on market momentum and away from the static of worth extremes.


The path of the worth is indicated by the colour of the candlestick. If the worth of the candle is closing above the opening worth of the candle, then the worth is shifting upwards and the candle can be inexperienced (the colour of the candle is dependent upon the chart settings). If the candle is pink, then the worth closed under the open.


The distinction between the very best and lowest worth of a candle is its vary. You may calculate this by taking the worth on the prime of the higher wick and subtracting it from the worth on the backside of the decrease wick. (Vary = highest level – lowest level).

Having this data of a candle, and what the factors point out, means merchants utilizing a candlestick chart have a transparent benefit in relation to distinguishing trendlines, worth patterns and Elliot waves.

Bar Chart vs Candlestick Chart

As you may see from the picture under, candlestick charts supply a definite benefit over bar charts. Bar charts will not be as visible as candle charts and nor are the candle formations or worth patterns. Additionally, the bars on the bar chart make it troublesome to visualise which path the worth moved.

Difference between bar chart and candle chart

The best way to learn a candlestick chart

There are numerous methods to make use of and skim a candlestick chart. Candlestick chart evaluation is dependent upon your most well-liked buying and selling technique and time frame. Some methods try and make the most of candle formations whereas others try to acknowledge worth patterns.

Deciphering single candle formations

Particular person candlesticks can supply plenty of perception into present market sentiment. Candlesticks just like the Hammer, taking pictures star, andhanging man, supply clues as to altering momentum and doubtlessly the place the market costs mightpattern.

As you may see from the picture under the Hammer candlestick formation generally signifies a reversal in pattern. The hammer candle formation has an extended decrease wick with a small physique. Its closing pricing is above its opening worth. The instinct behind the hammer formation is straightforward, worth tried to say no however consumers entered the market pushing the worth up. It’s a bullish sign to enter the market, tighten stop-losses or shut out a brief place.

Merchants can make the most of hammer formations by executing an extended commerce as soon as the hammer candle has closed. Hammer candles are advantageous as a result of merchants can implement ‘tight’ stop-losses (stop-losses that threat a small quantity of pips). Take-profits must be positioned in such a means as to make sure a optimistic risk-reward ratio. So, the take-profit is bigger than the stop-loss.

Hammer formation showing stop loss

Recognizing worth patterns in a number of candles

Candlestick charts assist merchants acknowledge worth patterns that happen within the charts. By recognizing these worth patterns, just like the bullish engulfing sample or triangle patterns you may make the most of them through the use of them as entries into or exit indicators out the market.

For instance, within the picture under we now have the bullish engulfing worth sample. The bullish engulfing is a mix of a pink candle and a blue candle that ‘engulfs’ your entire pink candle. It is a sign that it may very well be the top of a foreign money pairs established weak point. A dealer would make the most of this by coming into an extended place after the blue candle closes. Keep in mind, the worth sample solely kinds as soon as the second candle closes.

As with the hammer formation, a dealer would place a cease loss under the bullish engulfing sample, making certain a good cease loss. The dealer would then set a take-profit. For extra foreign exchange candlestick charts examine our foreign exchange candlesticks information the place we go in depth into some great benefits of candlestick charts in addition to the methods that may be carried out utilizing them.

Bullish engulfing pattern

Additional ideas for studying candlestick charts

When studying candlestick charts, be conscious of:

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