Cannabis Stalks, Stems And Leaves: What To Do With Them, From Hash To Rope

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You lovingly raised your hashish crop from seed to flower; you harvested these fantastically frosted buds, trimmed, washed, and dried them; and now, you may benefit from the fruits of your labor with a very wonderful toke.

However what do you do with the remainder of the plant upon getting what you wished?

Are the stalks, stems and leaves of your crop nugatory, or are you able to make them as precious because the flower?

Learn on to seek out out.

Make Selfmade Concentrates

Although the trim — the trade time period for non-flower vegetable matter, like stalks, stems and leaves — doesn’t have almost the identical cannabinoid and terpene content material because the flower, there are nonetheless some good compounds inside them.

Whereas smoking trim immediately will present a dreadful expertise, you may distill all the great things and take away the undesirable vegetable content material by making concentrates.

Listed below are a couple of concentrates you may make at dwelling utilizing your trim:


Hash, or cannabis, is a block of trichomes, or the sticky, crystalline buildings that make hashish glitter.

To make hash with trim, you have to to take away the vegetable matter and reserve the trichomes.

You are able to do this by flat screening, or rubbing frozen trim in opposition to a silkscreen and capturing the dry sift, or you may mix your trim with water and relaxation the combination on a silkscreen over a jar; the trichomes will sink to the underside of the water, making them simpler to reap.

From there, making hash is a comparatively simple process: urgent the trichomes right into a block or ball utilizing your fingers or a mould.


Tinctures are alcohol options that strip away the vegetable content material and protect the cannabinoids.

To make a tincture from trim, you merely place your trim in a jar with a potable alcohol — ideally one with out a lot taste, like pure grain alcohol or high-quality vodka — and retailer the combination in a cool, darkish place for every week or so, so long as the tincture takes to achieve the specified efficiency and taste.


Shatter is among the purest concentrates, even when it’s a trim run.

Opposite to common perception, it’s doable to make shatter at dwelling with out an industrial extraction rig and even harmful solvents — although the best-quality shatter from Washington, D.C. dispensaries use each.

First, use the identical technique as you probably did with hash to reap the trichomes out of your trim; subsequent, wrap the trichomes in a pair layers of parchment paper, and clamp the package deal exhausting in a heated hair straightener for a pair minutes.

As soon as the trichomes soften right into a honey-colored substance, you may have shatter that is able to smoke.

Make Selfmade Edibles

Utilizing trim to make edibles is an ideal solution to profit from your stems, stalks and leaves.

Not solely will you masks the vegetable taste of the trim with the flavors of your cooking, however you additionally don’t danger overdosing your meals with too many cannabinoids from high-quality nugs.

The 2 finest methods to include trim into your hashish kitchen are by means of:

Hashish Cooking Oils

You possibly can infuse virtually any cooking oil with hashish, to incorporate olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil and even butter.

A few of the finest recipes use sluggish cookers, which cut back the lack of cannabinoids by means of steam.

Whereas making and utilizing cannabis-infused oils, you could be diligent to stop the temperature from getting too excessive, which might degrade the cannabinoids earlier than you get pleasure from them.


Merely steeping your trim in scorching water can launch the cannabinoids and create a tisane that provides a mellow excessive.

Nonetheless, the tea isn’t more likely to style good except you add extra palatable components, like different natural teas or honey.

Compost It

Normally, you don’t need to add an excessive amount of inexperienced matter to your compost pile.

Inexperienced vegetation have a better quantity of nitrogen and protein, which can trigger the pile to warmth up; whereas your microorganisms positively want some inexperienced matter as gasoline, an excessive amount of inexperienced stuff can harm your micro-ecosystem.

If including all of your stalks, stems and leaves to your compost pile would throw your 4-to-1 browns-to-greens ratio out of whack, you would possibly take into account making “compost tea,” as an alternative, which requires soaking your hashish trimmings in contemporary water for a couple of weeks and utilizing that to feed your outside vegetation.

Make Hemp Rope

Hashish was among the many first crops ever domesticated by humankind, not due to its psychoactive results however due to its sturdy, light-weight fibers, which will be woven into rope or clothes.

In fact, it isn’t terribly tough to take away the fiber from the stalks of the hashish plant and spin it into rope.

You should use this rope for nearly something, particularly as a result of it’s water resistant, UV-resistant, pest-resistant and intensely sturdy.

Each a part of your hashish vegetation will be precious — if you understand how to make use of them.

You possibly can remodel your trim into one thing extremely precious, like concentrates, edibles, compost or rope, so long as you’re devoted to avoiding waste and studying extra about hashish functions.

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